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November 21, 2017

Ecocapsule – Malibu Beach


As the tiny-house movement gains popularity and sweeps through communities around the world, Ecocapsules, a company out of Bratislava, Slovakia, has brought the concept of tiny homes to what may be considered the brink of futuristic living. 


Ecocapsule, the first truly independent micro-home, is a self-sustainable smart house powered solely by solar and wind energy. In addition to capturing energy from the sun, the Ecocapsule’s rechargeable battery stores enough power to provide electric energy for at least four days. It’s more than modest size and mobility allows it to serve as a beachfront cottage, cliffside hut, canyon tent, or modern day yurt.


Around the World.


The Ecocapsule portable living space was designed by Nice Architects with all the necessities of efficient living in mind. In addition to being portable and powered by solar and wind energy, it can also capture and filter rainwater and dew.  In total, Nice Architects has designed the high tech energy system to support almost a full year of living off the grid.


The capsule measures at a spacious, yet still compact, 14.6 feet long, 7.9 feet wide and 8.2 feet tall. The spacious dimensions create an astounding 67.8 square feet of usable floor space in addition to the folding bed, table, two chairs, kitchen, toilet and shower that makes the Ecocapsule a fully functioning home.



“Nice Architects unveiled its first Ecocapsule at

the  Pioneers Festival in Vienna

and aimed to start taking orders back in 2016.”



Currently, Ecocapsules are available to be ordered by “Pioners,” the first fifty people who will receive the product at a price of € 79,900 ($94,084). For those willing to wait until after the first year of limited production, a capsule can be reserved with a deposit of € 300 ($353). With that deposit comes a guarantee that cost will be lower than the Pioneer buy-in.




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