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Top 5 Tips For First Time Home Sellers

first time sellerWhat are my Top 5 Tips for First Time Home Sellers?

1. Remember that the outside is just as important and in some ways more important than the inside. The outside is the first impression and sets the tone for the property tour inside.

2. Be prepared to spend some money on repairs.  You will be expected to address some items needing repairs. In some cases,  a little money can go a long way.

3. Know the number and know your bottom line.  Make sure you know what your mortgage payoff really is and what your closing costs will be.  You also want to make sure you know your numbers if you are going to be buying as well.  If you are selling and buying something else you need to meet with a lender on the purchase before you sell your home because it will effect your negotiating ability.

4. Know your agent and the brand or company that they work for.  Don’t just choose an agent without looking into the real estate company and brand they work and on the flip side don’t just choose any agent because of the company.  All agents work differently.

5. Be prepared for showings.  Make some preparations and plan ahead of time for last minute showings and certain days of the week.  Maybe let you spouse be in charge of some days and you the others if you both work or be sure to enlist the help of a stay at home mom or friend if you need pets removed during showings and you can’t always get home.  A little preparation and planning on the front end will make a world of difference in getting those buyers in your home.  And after all we have to get them in to get it sold!

Should You Sell Your House Now


Fueling this seller’s market are several factors that have unexpectedly converged: For-sale listings are limited, which is pushing prices up at the same time that mortgage rates are rising. That’s created a sense of urgency among buyers, many of whom fear that the door to affordable real estate in their market may be closing.Many sellers are still hesitant about putting their house up for sale. Where are prices headed? Where are interest rates headed? Can

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West Hollywood Real Estate Market Update

West Hollywood real estate market update gives insight to the home sales figures, deep dive into the why sales are down. Inventory is down, and there are many cash buyers, including international and foreign buyers. This housing market minute answers your question, How is the 90048 real estate market? Beverly Grove weekly market update for the 90048 zip code. Market insight is the essential ingredient in all of the services we offer. We monitor trends

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Home Buying Season Shaping Up


The majority of housing markets are entering the 2014 home buying season in significantly better shape than they were one year ago. The outlook for a more abundant, more affordable selection of homes for sale this spring improved considerably in February. This is signaling growing seller optimism and a strong, early start to the spring home-buying season. Sellers in most markets are responding to the price increases of the past year, suggesting they are increasingly

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West Hollywood Market Minute Update

deal of the week

West Hollywood real estate market update gives insight to the supply and demand, 5 Tips for getting your home prepared to enter your home for sale in the market. Presented from the buyer side of the transaction and the sellers point of view. This report reviews ihe features that builders are most likely to include in a typical single-family home this year are a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, low-e windows, a laundry room

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